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About McAllen

Imagine an area warmed by sub-tropical breezes and complemented by the spicy charms of Historic Old Mexico. Now imagine all that served up on a Texas platter overflowing with a smorgasbord of outdoor pleasures year round.

McAllen is just that. Nestled in the heart of Texas’ southernmost region, the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen is just a Texas two-step from Mexico’s front door. And, because the area is as far south as the tip of Florida (but with a much lower cost of living), the weather is ideal, even in the middle of the winter, for outdoor sports and recreation.

The McAllen area is the most productive birding location in North America and people visit from all over the globe to see some of the bird species that can be found nowhere else in the entire country. In this relatively small area, 540 bird species and over 330 butterfly species have been recorded to date on literally dozens of birding hotspots that dot the region. There are also fine golf courses that are open year round with very reasonable green fees.

McAllen also offers plenty of America’s best-known hotel chains and restaurants, as well as hundreds of local specialty dining establishments.The arts and nightlife are also thriving in McAllen. You’ll find myriad live music venues, Broadway shows, art galleries, museums, and much more.

Texas’s McAllen is a true bi-national destination. It has a flavor all its own- tangy and delightful- that tantalizes the senses while soothing the spirit. It is worth a visit.

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